Why rent with us?

Sometimes you want to rent a car the easy and cheap way! Nothing fancy, just to bring you from A to B in a safe and reliable way.

Our philosophy is, we (the founders) traveled around the world a lot, and we always asked ourselves why do we pay more than we need: A brand new andbig car, lot’s of option….etc etc while you just need to go from A to B in a car that suits the purpose!

The No Nonsense low budget car rental facts

  1. Low cost, only 19,95 Euro per day
  2. Easy to book, by credit card, ATM card or Cash at our outlet
  3. Easy drive and park
  4. Low fuel cost and kilometers are free
  5. Pick up at our station or we bring the car to you
  6. No Age Limits if a valid drivers license is show

How can we offer a rental car so Cheap?

  1. We run the company low budget (no fancy people or outlets)
  2. The cars we use are low mileage little older smart (in new condition)
  3. We maintain the car in our own maintenance center
  4. No banks or investors involved who require high interest or profits
  5. We work with students to run our business.

So do you need a no nonsense rental car, for the lowest price in the world, this is your address, we love to serve you!